Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beef Don

Beside eating, I love to cook. In fact, I've been cooking longer than I've been snapping pictures. For me, cooking has always been this gateway from all the havoc things that are happening on the daily basis. I love to cook Japanese and French cuisines. Marriage that most people would think, that would end up to be a disaster, but when its done right, the taste would blend in perfectly. The intense attention towards perfection in creating a single dish has been mastered by both countries.

Here's my first recipe entry. Its sort of like, comfort food for me. Having an Asian background, beef teriyaki has always been one of those things, that my mum makes. Its cheap, its healthy and most importantly, its super tasty.

Here's my Recipe for my perfect Beef Don.

150gr of Sliced beef
100ml Shoda Shoyu / Soy Sauce (Less Salt)
2tbsp Mirin
2tbsp Dashi (Bonito stock) *Powder or Liquid form
1tbsp Sake
5tbsp Sugar
2 Cloves of Garlic, Sliced.
A knob of butter.

Melt butter in a pan, put the sliced garlic and cook it under low temperature until golden brown.
Shoda Shoyu, Mirin, Dashi, Sake goes into the garlic infused butter and stir.
Sugar goes in into the pan. If the flavors are too strong, then you might want to add a dash of water.
Reduce this until it thickens. 50% reduction under medium heat.

Pan fry your beef with a very hot pan. Salt and Pepper to taste.

Plating up
Fluffy Rice on the bottom, beef on top of the rice and the garlic and soy glaze on top of the beef.

Tara Tea Room Scones

Have I already got your tongues wagging? These Irish treasures are Tara Tearoom scones in The Rocks. Voted as the best scones in Sydney by Sydney Morning Herald, they are only open on the weekends from 10am-5pm and oh boy are they worth the trip there. The place is quaint, with a backyard and a small art gallery above. I love how the place settles for a rustic, old feel with a fireplace and wooden framed pictures adorning the walls.

Scones make the world go round. Irresistible fluffy texture that makes you ooooommph and mmmmm when you sink your teeth into these golden little things. With just the right crunch on the crust, the butter taste blends well with the double clotted cream and home-made boysenberry jam. I will lather slabs of cream and jam on them, taking small bites to savor the taste. They sure are finger licking good.

I had my scones with English Breakfast tea, served in tea pots with knitted cosies. Despite its full-bodied and robust taste, it makes a perfect complement with the scones. This place is definitely a keeper.

Bourke St Bakery

How can a sausage roll be so good? The guys at Bourke St Bakery, Surry Hills, surely have perfected the technique in making the perfect sausage roll. For me, the perfect sausage roll, has to have the crispy and light pastry on the outside, and on the inside, the filling has to be moist and tasty.

I have been a big fan of sausage rolls ever since I set my self to reside in Australia around 15 years ago. My fond memories of the perfect sausage roll, was walking down the alley of my High School towards the "tuckshop." Back then, the school only had Mrs Macs line of Pies and Sausage Roll. I still remember, only on Tuesdays, is when the Sausage Rolls are perfect. Its because simply, the new stock just got delivered on Monday. Haha..

Back to Bourke St Bakery and enough of me venting out my childhood memories. My favourite filling has got to be Pork & Fennel. The aroma from the fennel is noticeable but not overpowering. It compliments the pork in the very best possible way. It has this slight "earthy-ness" to it. It seems that the filling isn't too complicated in terms of ingredients, and that's why I love it. Sometimes, you eat all of these posh Sausage Rolls from expensive Haute Cafes, yes they are lovely, but for me, simplicity has always been the way to go.

Scrunch down the paper bag, Squeeze the tomato sauce and Make the biggest crumbs mess in your life.

A must go for Pastry Lovers. They also have lots of others pastries in-store. I recommend their Carrot Cakes and Pain Au Chocolat.

Hi from Sydney!

Hi guys!

Just wanting to introduce foodyphile to the world! There's only a couple of things to say at the moment. Those things are just that, this blog will be splurged with photos of our daily meals, our drive-far-to-satisfy tummy food and our love for photography.

There's only 3 words to say: NOM NOM NOM