Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tara Tea Room Scones

Have I already got your tongues wagging? These Irish treasures are Tara Tearoom scones in The Rocks. Voted as the best scones in Sydney by Sydney Morning Herald, they are only open on the weekends from 10am-5pm and oh boy are they worth the trip there. The place is quaint, with a backyard and a small art gallery above. I love how the place settles for a rustic, old feel with a fireplace and wooden framed pictures adorning the walls.

Scones make the world go round. Irresistible fluffy texture that makes you ooooommph and mmmmm when you sink your teeth into these golden little things. With just the right crunch on the crust, the butter taste blends well with the double clotted cream and home-made boysenberry jam. I will lather slabs of cream and jam on them, taking small bites to savor the taste. They sure are finger licking good.

I had my scones with English Breakfast tea, served in tea pots with knitted cosies. Despite its full-bodied and robust taste, it makes a perfect complement with the scones. This place is definitely a keeper.


tam2 said...

ME WANT THOSE SCONES!! this blog is so not helpful. it's 1030PM and i'm drooling ...

nomnomnomphile said...

*smacks lips* yummmm :) will learn to bake them!

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