Monday, November 15, 2010

Azuma's Mont Blanc

I'm definitely not a cake person. But if I was given a Mont Blanc cake, I would hug the person, literally. I love this cake. I tried it in Japan a couple of years ago and I fell in love with it straight away. The cake is very simple, its chestnut puree, cream, it can either have a sponge cake base or short crust pastry base.

Personally, I prefer the sponge cake base, because it just has that smoothness in it and I think it goes very well with the rest of the ingredients. It is very hard to source this delicacy in Australia. There are chestnut cakes available at many cake shops, but its nowhere near what I had tasted in Japan.

The guys at Azuma Bakery, Sydney just raised the game in making cakes. I have got to say, the Mont Blanc is near perfect. The use of shortcrust pastry, at a glance, looks very dense and dry, that it wont crumble in your mouth, but, they do! There is a simple filling of whipped cream in the middle the chestnut swirls on the top and peeled whole cooked chestnut on the very top.

For you guys who have no tried this cake before, you should. The taste is amazing. Its not too sweet and its not too heavy too on your palette.


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