Monday, November 1, 2010

Bacon & Egg

We all know how Bacon & Egg tastes like, they serve it at every single breakfast drive through, they have it in many ways and many styles. With muffins, with holandaise sauce, wedged in between a crusty roll with a dollop of barbecue sauce straight from a squeeze bottle. There are many ways in which these two ingredients can be combined together.

For my next recipe, I've contemplated whether to make a deconstructed Egg Benedict or a classic Bacon & Egg Muffin. But, after a long thought, I've decided to make it simple boiled eggs, with bacon infused cream served with a bunch of thyme on the side, not to be eaten but rather to be hand held while eating the meal and bring it close to your nose prior having your spoonful. This will allow the aroma of herbs to puncture your senses but not to kill it with its flavors.

4 Quail Eggs
50Gr Butter (Melted)
4 Egg yolks
1 1/2tbsp White wine vinegar
1tbsp Olive Oil
3tbsp Thickened Cream
150Gr of Jamon (Spanish Prosciutto)
A Bunch of Thyme

Put your 4 Egg Yolks in a mixing bowl on top of hot water in a pot. Whisk continously while adding melted butter slowly to make an infusion. Once it has become shiny and smooth and it has started producing ribbons during whisking, put the thickened cream in, then rest it.

Heat your pan, medium heat, Olive Oil in, and put around 100-120Gr of Jamon and fry it until it is golden brown and crispy. Let this content cool down and once it has cooled down, put it in the egg sauce and stir, leaving it there for around 15 minutes. *It is very important that the fried Jamon must be at room temperature prior mixing it with the egg sauce, otherwise, the sauce will turn into scrambled eggs.

Once the infusion has been sitting for around 15 minutes, then strain everything through a fine sift pushing it down with a spoon to get the most out of your Jamon. Salt and Pepper to taste.

To warm it up, do it under a very low heat and whisk continuously and remember, don't let it become scrambled eggs and do not heat it up until it boils.

Bring water to a boil, put your quail eggs in, for 2 minutes exactly. Lift it out of the boiling water and shock it into a bowl of cold water and this will stop the cooking process immediately. Leave it to cool down for a couple of minutes before peeling the skin. This will give you a runny yolk.

p.s If you want to be posh, you can drop a couple of drops of truffle oil into the Egg Sauce.


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