Saturday, November 6, 2010

Breakfast at Kazbah

I've never been a breakfast type person, I know its terrible. But, sometimes, I crave for just a relaxing morning, good coffee, good food and good friends. Just gather around and just chat what has been happening in their lives. This sounds as if I'm living in a movie eh?

But, it is quite rare to find a restaurant that serves breakfast other than the usual menu list. Yes, Eggs Benedict and Big Breakfast will always be nice, but, I got recommended to go to this Moroccan Restaurant, Kazbah, located in Balmain, Sydney. My mind kept on wondering what sort of food do the Moroccans eat for breakfast? I did some research last night, and it didn't sound bad at all and very interesting combination of flavors. At first, I was expecting it to be the usual but, its nothing but usual when I got there this morning. There were actually people lining up to eat in this restaurant and lets cut to the chase, if this restaurant was like any other restaurant serving the norm typed breakfast, then I don't see why people would line up. There has got to be something special about this restaurant.

So, my friend and I walked in, and directly, the waiter served us very well. Since the restaurant was packed, he asked us, whether if we don't mind sharing a table, which we perfectly understood. So, we said yes, we don't mind. Once we sat down, he came back again and told us, he would leave one seat gap in between customers for the shared table. I thought, why don't all restaurants do this? Instead of packing people like sardines in a tin can into a shared table.

We ordered the Lamb Tagine - Minced lamb, caramalized onions, roasted tomatoes, egg, spinach and capsicums. For the second dish, we tried the Bisteeya, its a filo pastry dish with prawn, capsicum and feta cheese.

Both dish came at the same time but, we dug in to the Tagine straight away because the aroma coming out from that dish was just mind blowing. There are herbs, spices and everything you could imagine coming from a kitchen in Morocco. Just that distinct smell of Cinnamon, Cumin, Sweet Paprika and many others. Complex, but well made for each other. A serve of grilled Turkish Bread and Pita and a wedge of lemon was standing by on the side of the Tagine. I dipped the bread into the Tagine and flavors were just phenomenal. Its nothing but tasteless but also, its not overpowering which is very important in all dishes. Next, would be trying out the lamb mince and the runny egg yolks and the spinach. The lamb mince was very moist, very well seasoned and it was absolutely delicious.

We tried the Bisteeya and I expected the prawns would be tough because the dish had to undergo the extreme temperature of an oven. But, once again, I was proven wrong, the prawn was succulent, the feta cheese gave this salty and crumbly texture to the dish. The flavors are there, but for me, it lacks a bit of a punch. It was very subtle compared to the Tagine. But, seasoning was perfect and ingredients were excellent. I think, this dish needs a little bit more salt and pepper and also, chilly flakes to give it the heat kick. A dash of lemon would lift this dish up. The most surprising thing about this dish, is how light it is. It looks like as if it would be as hard as a brick, just from the outer appearance but, when the knife goes in to cut it, you know, this is actually a very light dish. Pastry was magnificent, a hint of sesame seeds on the top to give it the extra crunch texture was perfect.

I would recommend Kazbah to everyone especially to those people who have always been eating the usual breakfast. This restaurant will surprise your taste buds in the best possible way. I still want to try their lunch and dinner menu.

Good job Kazbah!


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